Man allegedly strangled family cat of 10 years

Disselkamp threatened to kill a woman before actually killing his cat, police say.
Disselkamp threatened to kill a woman before actually killing his cat, police say.

UPDATE: Disselkamp pleaded guilty to gross misdemeanor charges of third-degree damage to property. All other charges were dismissed.

Distraught over the prospect of losing his cat, Afton resident Thomas Disselkamp allegedly made a curious choice -- namely, to strangle the poor thing.

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Disselkamp has been charged with felony animal cruelty after a domestic argument escalated into cat murder.

On March 14, Disselkamp and a woman (both her name and relation to Disselkamp are unclear) went to a concert in Minneapolis. According to the woman's account of events, Disselkamp got drunk and the two started arguing before they even got back to Afton.

Once they were back, Disselkamp allegedly took things up a notch and asked the woman: "What would you think if I took a knife and slit your throat?"

A Woodbury Bulletin report describes what happened from there:

The woman attempted to get away from Disselkamp, but he pursued her and provoked an argument about the family cat. After becoming upset that another family member might acquire the family cat of 10 years, Disselkamp was witnessed strangling the cat, the complaint states.

"(The woman) heard this awful screeching noise from out in the garage," according to the complaint. "She said the noise was loud and unforgettable."

Fearful that Disselkamp might do more, the woman left the house and called police.

When police arrived at the residence, they found the cat lying dead outside the house.

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