Man allegedly pointed gun at car, mouthed "boom" during road rage incident on I-35E

Who needs a horn when you're packing heat?
Who needs a horn when you're packing heat?

A middle finger allegedly wasn't enough ammunition for 42-year-old Farmington resident Bobby Munn when he got into it with another driver on I-35E on the afternoon of March 17. So he reached into his door pocket and grabbed his gun.

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The driver claims Munn pointed his gun at him and mouthed "boom," and he quickly called 911 to report the incident. Munn was arrested with loose bullets all over his car -- he told police he'd unloaded his gun "because he felt officers would likely feel threatened if they found him with a loaded gun," the criminal complaint says. Well, at least that was considerate of him.

Munn says he never pointed his gun at the other driver, but admits putting it onto his dashboard so his nemesis would see it and "back off," the Pioneer Press, citing the criminal complaint, reports.

Munn's attorney, Eric Nelson -- the same guy who unsuccessfully represented Amy Senser during her criminal vehicular homicide trial -- told the PiPress that Munn "strongly believed and feared that his life was in danger."

Both Munn and the other driver were traveling with their wives when the incident occurred.

Munn, who has a permit to carry a gun in his vehicle, has been charged with a felony count of making terroristic threats.

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