Man accused of threatening Bachmann: "White [Re]publican parasites are going to get a bullet"

Bachmann recently recevied threats from a seemingly crazed GLBT-rights supporter.
Bachmann recently recevied threats from a seemingly crazed GLBT-rights supporter.

Ronnie McMillian, a 27-year-old New Jersey resident, is in federal custody for allegedly calling prominent national Republicans, chastising their positions on GLBT rights, and threatening them.

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One of his targets was Michele Bachmann. McMillian allegedly called her Waite Park office three times on December 17 and "made several violent and threatening statements," the Cliffview Pilot reports.

During each of his calls to Bachmann, "a constituent services officer asked McMillian to clean up his language, then hung up when he didn't," the Pilot adds, citing a complaint filed in Newark's U.S. District Court.

McMillian has been in the habit of making threatening phone calls for some time. U.S. Capitol officials warned McMillian last summer that he faced arrest if he continued to call public officials and threaten then, but that apparently didn't stop him. Along with Bachmann, one of his targets was allegedly Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.


On Sept. 29, [McMillian] left a voicemail with Jindal's Office of Constituent Affairs at the Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge, La.

McMillian made numerous vulgar and harassing statements relating to his interpretation of Jindal's stance on gay rights. Among other things, McMillian called him a "little maggot" and warned "you better back the [expletive] off or every single one of you white [re]publican parasites are going to get a bullet in your [expletive] head. You are going to hang for treason you disgusting maggot," the complaint said.

According to the Pilot, McMillian had a few more choice comments for a Jindal staffer: "And you better keep in your f*****g little head, you little maggot - you better keep in your f*****g head that gay people have Second Amendment rights too you little [unintelligible]."

McMillian has been charged with two counts of making threatening calls to public officials -- one for Bachmann and one for Jindal. He faces up to 10 years in prison.

This isn't the first time threats against Bachmann have made news in recent months. In October, video surfaced of a visibly disturbed D.C. man being loaded into a police van while yelling, "You'll pay for this, Michele Bachmann!"

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