Man, 18, allegedly raped 65-year-old woman because he was upset she reported 2011 burglary

Curtez Graham, 18, is charged with a host of felonies for allegedly raping a 65-year-old St. Paul woman whose home he burglarized twice in 2011.

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After he was arrested, Graham told cops he broke into the woman's house and raped her "because the woman had sent him away for 14 months," the criminal complaint says.

Earlier this month, Graham was granted a furlough from the juvenile corrections facility in Red Wing where he was serving time for the 2011 burglaries. But he severed a GPS bracelet that was monitoring his movements and returned to the woman's Lexington-Hamline neighborhood home early Wednesday.

The woman and a man she was sleeping with were awoken by Graham, who had a pair of scissors in his hand. The Pioneer Press, citing the complaint, tells the story from there:

Graham told the man to tie himself up. He repeatedly threatened to kill the man if he didn't do as he was told.

Graham raped the woman on the bed, then told her to use the bathroom and take a shower. Then, he demanded money from her. Graham took money and the man's cellphone.

Graham told the pair to remain upstairs and count to 100 before coming out. He threatened, "Don't call the police -- I can come and get you anytime," the complaint said.

Despite Graham's threats, the woman called police to report the incident. She recognized Graham from the 2011 burglaries and told cops that during the course of Wednesday's incident, Graham told her, "Well, you are really keeping the place up and things are nice and clean."

Graham was arrested that same day with the male victim's cell phone on him. He initially denied raping the woman, but when police told him DNA evidence might still be found at the apartment even though he made the woman shower, he came clean.

"Graham became silent and began to tear up," the complaint says. "Graham said he had been drinking with friends and had been thinking about the situation."

Graham admitted to breaking a window to gain access to the home. He said "he was drunk and just wanted to scare her," the complaint says. He told officers "he stopped having sex" with the woman "because he's 'not that kind of person.'"

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