Malo Gomez shot at the cops because he was "bored"

Malo Gomez needs a different hobby.

Malo Gomez needs a different hobby.

Malo Gomez felt like firing off a few rounds, and he allegedly picked one of the worst targets possible: A cop car, with two cops sitting inside of it.

Two Minneapolis Police officers were in the middle of a routine traffic stop at the Union Liquor store on the 3200 block of Penn Avenue North, when suddenly bullets started hitting the side of the squad car. The cops inside ducked for cover, and neither was hit.

When the shooting stopped, the cops -- one of them grabbing a rifle from the trunk -- tried to find the shooter. They couldn't; nor could backup officers and police K-9 units. Not even some high-tech police work was enough to connect Gomez to the shooting.

Gomez, a known gang affiliate, was only arrested for shooting  at the police because he'd been bragging about it to his friends, according to the complaint from the Hennpin County Attorny's Office.


After the police crime lab used lasers to determine the trajectory of the bullets -- with both cops ducking for cover, neither could track the shooter's location -- investigators found nine discharged shell casings in a vacant lot near an apartment building.

After the word on the street was that Gomez, whom police claim is an affiliate of the Stick up Boys gang, had shot at the cops, police tracked him down in Hennepin County Jail on unrelated charges. At first Gomez denied the accusation, but then made a stunning confession, according to the complaint: Yes, he'd shot at the police, but only because he was "bored," and "wanted to fire the gun off."

Gomez is facing two counts of first-degree attempted murder, a crime that comes with a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, and two counts of first-degree assault, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $30,000 fine.