Mall of America to foreign press covering Palin: We're sorry


It was all a big misunderstanding: Members of the foreign press who don't speak English are, in fact, welcome to cover Sarah Palin's book signing on Monday at Mall of America's Barnes and Noble store.

And, no, reporters will not be required to address the author of "Going Rogue" as "governor."

What's going on here? MOA had earlier issued those media guidelines for Palin's up-coming visit to the mega-mall in Bloomington. Red-faced mall officials walked back on that statement on Wednesday and apologized to the Palin camp. It was all a big misunderstanding, they said.

HarperCollins flak Tina Andreadis, who's handling publicity for the former GOP vice presidential nominee on her book tour, sounded happy to have the mistake corrected. Come one, come all, she told The Associated Press.

Whatever one thinks of Palin -- and there's no neutral ground when it comes to the former governor of Alaska -- the book appears to be selling like hotcakes. Sensing a newsstand hit, Newsweek put her on its cover in eyebrow-raising running shorts. The Daily Beast obsesses over her. Here at City Pages, we put her on the cover too, morphing her with a photo of Michele Bachmann. Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh have, of course, treated her like a queen. And fans greet her like a rock star as she tours the country.

Can't get enough Palin? Wince or cheer at her Facebook page and her Twitter updates.

Palin will be at MOA from noon to 4 p.m. on Monday.

Here's some video of a recent appearance: