Mall of America: The ultimate fighters

They might not have guns, but Mall of America security forces will kick some serious ass if you push them.

This summer, the mall's security staff began a 40-hour training program in Krav Maga, the official defensive martial arts technique used by the Israel Defense Forces.

MOA Security Captain Michael Rozin started working at the mall more than three years ago after moving to Minnesota from Israel. He wanted to train the security officers at the mall in the techniques that can be used to safely control suspects in hostile situations.

"Our officers had no tools to deal with some situations such as a suspect pulling a gun, or choking someone," he said. "With my experience in the past, I know (Krav Maga) can make all the difference."

The techniques are based on instincts in dangerous situations that allow the potential victim to go on the offensive quickly with little need for physical strength and no serious harm to the suspect.

"In two to three moves, it can put the officer in a control position without taking a life," Rozin says.

Consider this the next time you want to trample a security guard for a doorbuster sale.