Mall of America moviegoers panic over Muslim teens with backpacks

It now appears that not all Muslim teenagers with backpacks want to blow up your local movie theater.

It now appears that not all Muslim teenagers with backpacks want to blow up your local movie theater.

The first day of 2016 ended on a sour note for a group of teenagers. That night the adolescent scamps decided to catch a movie at the Mall of America.

After heading into the theater, the backpack-toting teens took their seats for a carefree cinematic experience. At some point, the loquacious young men decided to move away from each other to keep themselves from talking throughout the flick — at least that’s how it sounds in a cellphone video of them recapping the incident for the cops.

If the crew didn’t happen to have brown skin and dig Allah, perhaps it would’ve been written off as annoying teenage behavior. But apparently East African-looking dudes with backpacks moving in the dark freaked out some paler folks in the crowd. In a Facebook post accompanying the video, one of the teens wrote that some people thought they were going to “blow up the movie theater” and called the cops.

“More than 15 whites start running from the theater like we about do some stupid shit,” wrote Facebook user Akram Oromo.

Racism well never stop✋󾍆 ima let u know that because this white people though this young Muslim teens going to blow up...

In the video, a theater staffer tells police that it was moviegoers, not theater brass, who called them. A spokesman with the Bloomington Police Department said Wednesday that they were called about “suspicious males with backpacks” in the theater. When cops showed up they determined the teens hadn’t paid to get in and sent them off with a warning. Several teens purporting to be involved, including the boy who posted the video, did not immediately respond to messages.

The three-minute video, viewed more than 10,000 times, doesn’t show anyone being terrorized by seat-swapping youngsters. But toward the end an officer asks to take a peek in one their backpacks for the big reveal. While the shoes inside may give their owner an explosive vertical leap, they certainly won’t take out a bunch of chumps seeing Daddy’s Home or whatever.

So, the cinema-loving rascals may not be a terrorist splinter cell. But in the video it sounds like they admitted to trying to sneak into the movie — which you shouldn’t be doing you damn kids! Then again, it sure beats terrorism.