Mall of America flasher likes showing his package to everyone


The man busted earlier this month for exposing himself to a 6-year-old at the Disney Store and then masturbating on a mannequin already sounded creepy enough, but apparently he has a serious addiction to letting the whole world check out his junk.

According to WCCO, Marcus Nelson is a homeless Level 3 sex offender who could face some jail time for his long string of penis flashes.

He was finally arrested May 9 after being accused of four offenses in one week. This is all in addition to 10 convictions for indecent exposure in the past decade.

Does this dude ever keep it to himself?

Besides the two offenses at the Mall of America, St. Paul Police spotted Nelson on Harriet Island in his underwear May 7. He claimed he was changing clothes. Right.

He's been convicted of flashing in five cities in the metro. Police think he knew that these smaller charges are often not reported in the statewide system, so he was able to get away with it in multiple cities without police connecting the dots.

This time the charge is more serious. He is facing a felony after police found out about his prior history.