Mall of America "eye-searingly awful," should be demolished, says California Home and Design

California Home and Design does not think bigger is better.
California Home and Design does not think bigger is better.

California Home and Design pours some serious Haterade on the Mall of America in its list of "25 Buildings to Demolish Right Now."

America's largest mall is featured as one of 25 "eye-searingly awful" buildings that Home and Design's staffers and team of 15 architects would "take a wrecking ball to" if "given the chance."

Much to Home and Design's chagrin, instead of tearing the place down, mall officials are actually planning to break ground next spring on a $200 million expansion that will add a second hotel, more retail space, and a medical office tower.

Here's what Home and Design has to say about the Mega Mall:

With its sheer size and generic stores that you would find at any other strip mall in America, Neal Schwartz of Schwartz and Architecture claims that the Mall of America itself is the "poster child for quantity over quality." Says Schwartz on the billions spent on the Mall's creation and maintenance, "One has to wonder what the city itself might have been had these resources gone back to its downtown core." Look out, the Mall is getting even bigger (and likely uglier) with expansion plans coming early next year.

Sure, the exterior might leave a little something to be desired, but the indoor motifs in the various sections of the mall are actually pretty pleasing to the eye, aren't they? And architecturally, it seems like that should count for something.

In any event, the list also includes Boston City Hall, Trump Tower, the Denver Public Library, and New York's MetLife Building. Click here to sample all 25 flavors of Home and Design's Haterade.

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