Majority of Minnesotans oppose gay marriage; college Republicans leader comes out in favor

Majority of Minnesotans oppose gay marriage; college Republicans leader comes out in favor
A question with no easy answer.

A surprising majority of Minnesotans don't want our state to be the next to legalize same-sex marriage, according to a new poll, but that doesn't include the leader of the college Republicans.

Ryan Lyk, chairman of the Minnesota College Republicans, released a statement this morning in support of legislators lifting the ban on gay marriage. Writes Lyk:

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It is not the role of government to dictate who can be married, whose love is valid, and which families matter more than others. Marriage benefits society in many ways and I cannot in good conscience support excluding same-sex couples from that important institution. Gay and lesbian Minnesotans run business, vote, and serve in the military. They work hard, raise children, and contribute to the same system as the rest of us - and as such, they should have access to the same freedoms and opportunities as anyone else.

Lyk's announcement puts him in a growing minority of Republicans, both locally and nationally, coming out in favor of gay marriage.

Meanwhile, the new Star Tribune poll indicates 53 percent of Minnesotans are against legalizing gay marriage, 38 percent support overturning the ban, and 9 percent are undecided.

There are presently bills moving through the house and senate that would legalize gay marriage, and the poll results further illustrate the difficult math legislators must consider. For more on the subject, read our January cover story, "When will gay marriage be legal in Minnesota?"

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