Major the Roseville police dog stabbed while sniffing out burglars

Major the award winning police dog is stabbed in Maplewood.

Major the award winning police dog is stabbed in Maplewood.

Major, a German shepherd with the Roseville Police Department, was stabbed early Friday morning while sniffing out car thieves in a trucking company parking lot in Maplewood.

Cops had rigged up a bait car near Truck Utilities in an attempt to snare car thieves in the area. When alarms on the car went off this morning, Major was loaded up along with several other K-9 units to respond.


While two suspects were snared by a police perimeter, Officer John Jorgensen sent Major into the darkened, fenced off portion of the company's lot. Major disappeared from view, but was then heard yelping in pain.

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After a few minutes, officers were able to find Major and get him to the U of M veterinary hospital in St. Paul. He had what appeared to be a "pretty serious" stab wound.

Police arrested Ryan Dorne, James McBain and Roel Perez at the scene.

Being a police dog is tough row to hoe. In March, Shadow the Minneapolis PD dog was stabbed in the back and the leg trying to catch a fleeing suspect. Felony, a Howard Lake PD dog, escaped and was euthanized after dog catchers didn't realize he was a hero dog responsible for $25,000 worth of seized drugs.

Major, who has been with Roseville since 2003, is now in stable condition.