Major the Roseville police dog critical after stab wounds [UPDATE]

After a weekend in surgery, it appears that Major the police dog is out of danger, but may not fully recover from a vicious stabbing.

Early Friday morning, Major was released into a fenced off trucking company parking lot in Maplewood to look for a group of suspected car thieves. Moments later, police heard Major yelping in pain and discovered him gravely injured.

Roseville PD said that Major was stabbed three times in the head and once in the chest, and beaten with a crowbar. One wound punctured the dog's lung. His back legs were paralyzed. He'd lost an enormous amount of blood.

As the dog was being rushed to the U of M vet hospital, police found Roel Perez hiding under a pile of weeds and saw that Major did not go down without a fight. Perez had bite marks on his arms. He was arrested along with two other suspects.

After a blood transfusion, Major was in critical but stable condition, and had regained consciousness. On Saturday he had a successful surgery to remove a tube from his collapsed lung, however, he still cannot stand on his back legs.

Update: Major's IVs are out and he was able to play a game of catch today, according to a new website where concerned Majorettes can check up on his progress. He's also started physical therapy for his hind legs, which he still cannot move. Click here to get the latest status update.

Officer John Jorgensen and Major at the U of M vet hospital yesterday.
Officer John Jorgensen and Major at the U of M vet hospital yesterday.

If Major is unable to return to active duty with the Roseville police, he will go live with his handler, Officer John Jorgensen.

Major has certainly earned his retirement. The day before he was attacked, Jorgensen and Major were honored for catching a suspect who tried to drown Major in a lake during the chase.

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