Mahdi Patton, fleeing police in stolen vehicle, hits Sam Humleker, breaks two of his legs

Mahdi Patton was arrested for the accident.
Mahdi Patton was arrested for the accident.

Sam Humleker was driving his green Subaru Forrester in south Minneapolis close to 1 a.m. Tuesday, when a giant SUV hurtled toward him.

The grey GMC Yukon, driven by Mahdi Patton, 19, slammed into the passenger side of Humleker's car at about 50 to 60 mph.

Humleker's Forrester flipped over. The 19-year-old was trapped inside his car, both his legs broken.

Patton's out-of-control Yukon continued careening into a nearby yard, where he slammed into a gas meter and damaged the foundation of the unfortunate house.

The whole ugly saga began at around 12:50 a.m., when a Minneapolis cop on routine patrol at 12th Avenue South and 26th Street noticed a car -- a grey Yukon -- driving by with no headlights. The officer checked the license plate against his hot list, realized that it was a stolen car, and began to follow.

Patton traveled south, and the cop car followed to Lake Street. When the cop tried to pull the Yukon over at Chicago and Lake, the car sped south on Chicago and drove all the way to East 42nd Street. He turned left and drove toward 13th Avenue South.

When the Yukon reached the intersection of E. 42nd and 13th, it blasted through the intersection, striking the unlucky Mr. Humleker and careening into the gas meter at the nearby house.

Even at this point, the driver would realize that his little cops-'n-robbers game was up. That's what the two male passengers in the car--19-year-old Gerald Eugen Davis and 19-year-old Francis Andrew Martin--seemed to understand. They sat in the Yukon and waited to be arrested.

Not the driver. Mahdi Akbar-Jay Patton, 19, decided that this would be a good time to run. So, evidently, did his female passenger, 18-year-old Dreu Allee Davis.

The cops sicked their police dog on the fleeing teenagers. According to Sgt. William Palmer of the MPD, the intent was for the dogs to chase Patton. "Unfortunately the dog decided to chase [Davis], and bites her leg," Palmer says.

Davis was taken to Hennepin County and treated for a dog bite.

Patton, on the other hand, kept police on the run for more than an hour, but they eventually found him hiding in a yard with a tall fence. He was booked into Hennepin County Jail on suspicion of two felonies: Criminal vehicular injury and fleeing from a police officer.

As for the sad case of 19-year-old Sam Humleker, he'll be in the hospital for weeks, and after that in various types of casts for months. He endured a five-hour surgery yesterday at Hennepin County Medical Center, according to his mother, Cordelia Anderson.

Humleker's legs were both broken in two places, Anderson says, but Humleker does not have any brain damage or internal injuries. He is lucid, and his parents -- John Humleker, executive director of Shir Tikvah synagogue south of Lake Harriet, and Anderson, a consultant who works against sexual violence -- have been able to speak with him.

"He's been really aware of how blessed he is that he's not in much more serious condition than he is," Anderson says.

She says Humleker worried about the driver who hit him. "He asked the police officer if the drivers of the stolen car were okay," Anderson says. "He's 19, and he learned that they were about the same age. It saddened him that there's kids that troubled."

Humleker, a Macalester College student who works at butter bakery cafe in south Minneapolis, is also a singer. Here's a clip of Sam singing at Bryant Lake Bowl:

The route Patton took before he hit Humleker:

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