Magic 8-Ball calls the election for Pawlenty, Bachmann, Ellison

class=img_thumbleft>The question on a lot of minds this morning: Can the Democrats once again underperform against expectations and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?


suggest they just might. Then again, one of the other questions hanging over this election is the soundness of the polling apparatus itself in the age of cell phones and a telemarketing-fatigued public.

So we decided to leave the prognostications to the most impartial source we know.

City Pages: In the gubernatorial race, Mike Hatch had a consistent lead over Tim Pawlenty in practically every poll released in October. But in the past week, Pawlenty has seemingly climbed back into the race on the back of the E-85/"Republican whore" flap. Will the governor's momentum propel him to a win?


City Pages: Well, okay. Is Pawlenty going to win a second term?

Magic 8-Ball: ASK AGAIN LATER.

City Pages: It appears Michele Bachmann has built up a healthy lead in her Sixth District race against Patty Wetterling. Wetterling seemed to be pulling even a month or so ago, but she's receded since. What's done her in? Is it the slimy, implausible ads that accuse Bachmann of being a big taxer and a coddler of criminals?


City Pages: Did the ads run by Patty Wetterling and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee hand the race to Bachmann?

Magic 8-Ball: IT IS CERTAIN.


City Pages:

When Jesse Ventura and the Independence Party won in 1998, the campaign featured a line of Jesse action figures that publicized Ventura and lent his campaign an air of fun. This year the party has embraced a riskier approach by directly endorsing an action figure, Tammy Travel, in the Fifth District Congressional race. Will the strategy backfire?

Magic 8-Ball: WITHOUT A DOUBT.

City Pages: Last question, one more time: Will Tim Pawlenty be re-elected?

Magic 8-Ball: It IS DECIDEDLY SO.

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