Madia and Paulsen: Family Values and Strip Clubs?


Ashwin Madia

just can't cut a break. Earlier this week people were

caught stealing

his opponent, Erik Paulsen's campaign signs, and yesterday Republicans attacked him for, get this, not having any kids.

MPR reports:

Republican congressional candidate Erik Paulsen's campaign says his DFL opponent Ashwin Madia lacks the "suburban life experience" to represent Minnesota's 3rd District.

"Raising a family in the district, sending your kids to the public school, owning a home, working in the 3rd District, paying property taxes in the 3rd District. Erik Paulsen has done all these things. And Ashwin Madia has not," said state Sen. Geoff Michel, R-Edina, who spoke on behalf of the Paulsen campaign at a press conference today.

..."Do you feel what my family feels trying to save for college?" he asked. "Do you feel what my family feels sending our kids to public schools? When you talk about No Child Left Behind and the growth of the federal government's role in education, do you feel that as a father? These are all important, sort of minimum requirements for a member of Congress from the 3rd District."

I mean they do have a point. It is totally irresponsible for an unmarried, unemployed bachelor hoping to move to DC in a few months to not own a home or have children. What is Madia thinking?

Moreover, what is Paulsen's campaign thinking touting their candidate's family values? Today, KSTP reports that Paulsen took $5,000 from a Texas Congressman who held a fund raiser at a Las Vegas strip club called the "40 Deuce." To be fair, the congressman raised funds all over the place and there is no way to pinpoint where Paulsen's money came from.

If it feels like the sky is falling, don't worry. Paulsen's campaign assured KSTP that he had never been to Vegas or to a strip club. And, Madia's proudly assured the public via its website that he doesn't eat children. What a relief!

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