Mack Stingley arrested for punching a police horse


Mack Stingley is officially out of the running for the cast of "The Horse Whisperer Part 2." But there might be a part left for Mack if they do a remake of "Blazing Saddles."

In the early hours of this morning, Stingley was in a crowd of people that police were trying to get cleared off the 400 block of First Avenue North in the Warehouse District. Among the police tools being used were their horses, which typically make people nervous enough to mosey on along somewhere else.

But not Mack Stingley. When confronted with the equine officer, Stingley allegedly slapped the cop horse in the face.

"The officer told him not do that," police sergeant William Palmer told City Pages. "So [Stingley] punched the horse."

Stingley's crime got him booked into Hennepin County Jail this morning, where he's since posted bail. Stingley is facing the misdmeanor charge of, "assaulting or harming a police horse."

That charge actually gets used more often than one might think, given its absurdity: According to Palmer, Minneapolis police "have guys assaulting horses  maybe five or six times a year."

Fortunately, Stingley's target was too big, and his punch too slight, to do much damage to the innocent animal.

"The horse is fine," Palmer said. "It's a horse."

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