Macalester students get their Dog Day Afternoon

College stress relief.
College stress relief.
Courtesy of Macalester College

Bluto Blutarsky would be appalled: Macalester College is helping its stressed out students by giving them warm, fuzzy puppies to pet.

That's nice. But what's wrong with, say, beer?

"Dog Day Afternoon" is scheduled for Saturday at Bateman Plaza on the St. Paul campus. The idea is for faculty, staff and alumni to bring their Fidos to campus so that students wound tighter than a drum over impending finals can hug a pooch and pretend they're a million miles away from their troubles.

That's a more constructive approach to stress relief than beer, college spokeswoman Barbara K. Laskin told us this morning about the twice-yearly event.

"It's just a nice way to break the ice," she said. "Very low key."

Which might be true. But we can still hear the far-off call of "Toga!"

Dog Day Afternoon
Dog Day Afternoon
Courtesy of Macalester College

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