Macalester students end sit-in; administration refuses to dump Wells Fargo

The lengthy sit-in at Weyerhaeuser Hall (right) didn't pay immediate dividends for student protesters.
The lengthy sit-in at Weyerhaeuser Hall (right) didn't pay immediate dividends for student protesters.
Image by Tatiana Craine

During a Friday afternoon meeting, Macalester administrators reaffirmed to Wells Fargo-protesting students that the school has no plans to end its business relationship with the bank.

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Student protestors ended their nearly week-long sit-in at Weyerhaeuser Hall before the meeting and won't be resuming it this week despite not having their demands met.

"The administration stayed firm and their answer is no," protest leader Rebecca Hornstein told City Pages this morning. "They were pretty unwilling to negotiate."

Hornstein confirmed that the sit-in is over, but said she and other members of the Kick Wells Fargo Off Campus (KWOC) group will hold "a long meeting" tonight to talk about the next steps in their campaign.

"This isn't over. We're definitely continuing with our campaign. There's a lot of energy in our group, in our community, and we're still gonna be pushing for it," she said.

According to a Mac Weekly report, during Friday's meeting, Mac President Brian Rosenberg criticized protesters' decision to stage the sit-in. He was particularly upset about the move protesters made late in the week to block all access to Weyerhaeuser.

"Your tactics have shown that you don't understand me," he said, according to the report. "I will never make a decision based on increased application of pressure or threats."

He also reiterated the rationale for not dumping Wells Fargo outlined in two memos recently written by administrators.

In an email sent to the Weekly after the meeting concluded, KWOC leaders blasted Rosenberg for allegedly not putting the interests of beleaguered Twin Cities homeowners front and center.

"We are disappointed that President Rosenberg focused on our tactics rather than this devastating issue and this pragmatic step the college can take," the four representatives wrote in an email following the meeting. "He told us he never makes decisions based on pressure, which shows that this has become about a personal power play rather than the college's responsibility to the broader community that we are a part of."

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