Macalester protesters heeding nature's call in kitty-litter box during sit-in

Well, it's either kitty litter or diapers, we suppose.
Well, it's either kitty litter or diapers, we suppose.
Image by Tatiana Craine

:::: UPDATE :::: Macalester students end sit-in; administration refuses to dump Wells Fargo

A report from Macalester's student newspaper indicates that it's not all fun and games for protesters taking part in an anti-Wells Fargo sit-in at Weyerhaeuser Hall.

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According to the Mac Weekly, students were originally sitting-in in a particular wing of Weyerhaeuser, and some walked to another part of the building to use the bathroom. But after security guards barred those students from rejoining the sit-in, protesters resorted to relieving themselves in a kitty-litter box.

From the Weekly:

One of the students involved in the sit-in, Jenny Hunken '16, left the group to use the bathroom and then was not let back into the office hallway.

"I went in with the students this morning," she said. "We occupied the lobby area where [Rosenberg's] secretary is. We chanted for about an hour. Someone went to the bathroom and she was let back in, so I decided to go as well but when I came back up I was told I could not be let in."

Other students used a kitty litter box to urinate after Hunken was not allowed back into the hallway.

It appears the sacrifices students participating in the sit-in have made over the past three days might not be for naught. This morning, the Twitter account representing the protesters reported that "After two days of sitting in and a student blockade, the Macalester administrators have agreed to talk about cutting the contract [with Wells Fargo] again!

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