Lynx think Seimone Augustus' traffic stop was Cambodian-on-black racial profiling

On the Lynx's theory, Kevin Love could drive through Roseville with impunity, dangling air freshener or no.
On the Lynx's theory, Kevin Love could drive through Roseville with impunity, dangling air freshener or no.

Earlier this week, we told you about Lynx star Seimone Augustus' Twitter tirade after she was pulled over in Roseville for having an air freshener dangling from her rear-view mirror.

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Augustus alleged officer Won Chau acted inappropriately by threatening to write her a ticket if she reported the pull-over to Roseville PD authorities, but stopped short of claiming she was a victim of racial profiling. But Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve explicitly characterized the traffic stop as "racial profiling" while discussing the incident with reporters yesterday.

From the Star Tribune:

Reeve said the off-day incident was not a distraction to the team. Instead, what happened was something Augustus had to take a stand against.

"It is not a distraction at all," Reeve said. "Twitter gives people a voice. [Augustus has 25,000 followers.] And, in this particular instance, I am 100 percent behind Seimone tweeting her experience because it shines light on a bigger problem. Which is racial profiling.

"The situation that occurred, how Seimone felt, it happens on a daily basis. So from that standpoint, I think [Seimone's tweeting] was great."

So in other words, Reeve and Augustus believe a presumably Chinese Cambodian police officer pulled over a black woman because of her skin color? Sure, it's possible officer Chau (or the Roseville PD more broadly) has something against black people, though to casually toss out a racially profiling allegation in that instance seems pretty presumptuous.

And after all, it really is illegal to have an object dangling from your rear-view mirror. So this seems like a situation where it might be more appropriate to hate the proverbial game instead of the player.

CORRECTION: The Strib reports this morning that officer Chau is Cambodian.

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