Lutheran Fall-out from ELCA decision over gay clergy


Last August, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America voted to allows gays and lesbians in committed relationship to serve in leadership positions. The vote gave many looking in, the chance to do what God called them to do. Bu it also pissed off a lot of other Lutherans, who seem to think being gay and serving God are mutually exclusive.

KARE 11 had a report on the inevitable update:
A Pennsylvania based organizer of Lutheran Core paints a picture of an organization ready to distance itself from its mother church. "Our hope and expectation is that this is the first major step in the formation of a free standing synod," said Mark Chavez, director of Lutheran Core.

City Pages interviewed Mark Chavez last year:

Rev. Mark Chavez, a 1987 graduate of Luther Seminary and director of Word Alone, a national organization that opposes the ordination of gays and lesbians, says it will be disastrous to the church if it approves of sex outside of marriage. "We all welcome people with same-sex inclinations," says Chavez. "But we need to handle this the same way we would handle a serial pedophile or a pornography addict. In the eyes of God, they are no different than an adulterer. It's not like one sexual sin is greater than another."

Using Chavez's fuzzy logic, we should treat him same way we treated James Ford Seale. But that takes us away from the bigger topic: a migration of churches out of the ELCA. And it also leaves us feeling dumb, as logic this fried is only good for parody.

Chavez and Lutheran CORE will hold a meeting next week in Indianapolis to discuss the formation of their stand-alone, gay-relationship free synod. Because of the demand, they had to move the location of the meeting into Catholic Church. The good news about the change is that it appears the Catholics have finally forgiven Lutherans for that whole Protestant Reformation slip-up.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.