Luke Bucklin memorialized in Legos [PHOTO]


An employee at The Nerdery, part of the Bloomington interactive firm Sierra Bravo once led by the late Luke Bucklin, has rendered his late boss's likeness in the bright colors of the little toy bricks.

Bucklin and three of his children died in October when the small plane he was piloting crashed in the remote high peaks of Wyoming's Wind River Range. More on that here.


Dan Piscitiello is a programmer at the firm. On the company's blog he says he sampled the Lego colors and used them as a palette in Photoshop. He imported an image of Bucklin, then manipulated it with the colors and various effects to create a map for the Lego portrait. Then he set about putting it together in a meeting room. Perhaps not surprisingly, he ran out of bricks a few times.

"It was really kind of a therapeutic exercise for me," he said. "A way to honor and remember Luke that hopefully the other Nerds would appreciate too."

Add "Build the Lego Memorial" to the Kubler-Ross grief cycle.

It's another example of how the Bucklin family tragedy has been shared openly by the family and The Nerdery. Bucklin's wife, Ginger, posted updates on the search and rescue effort via Twitter and the family website. And friends of the kids, who went to Minneapolis public schools, launched a Facebook page to share their grief.


We checked in with company spokesman Mark Malmberg today. He said his colleagues were trying to maintain a tradition of openness and transparency, and were happy to share the Lego story with CP.

"We're adjusting to the new normal" in Bucklin's absence, he said.