Luke Brandon Scott caged girlfriend Caitlin Hodges in dog crate

Luke Brandon Scott caged his girlfriend.
Luke Brandon Scott caged his girlfriend.

Of this, there appears to be no doubt: Caitlin Hodges spent a night last fall locked in a dog crate after a drunken bender with her boyfriend, Luke Brandon Scott.

The question is whether Scott smacked her in the face with an empty wine bottle and locked her in there, or if she crawled into the crate of her own free and drunken will to escape him.

Either way, the dog crate was apparently the preferable option to cozying up with Scott.

A Ramsey County jury heard Hodges tell her terrifying story last week, about how she was held prisoner in Scott's home, beaten, humiliated, threatened with a gun, a knife, and a hanging, and finally released so she could stagger into a nearby SuperAmerica looking for help.

Scott was furious because she wanted to break off their relationship, the Pioneer Press reported. He couldn't accept it and kept her trapped while he and his buddies kept partying and watching movies.

Scott took the stand Friday to tell the story of a misunderstood Good Samaritan. Hodges was angry with herself because she just found him too irresistible, he said. Hodges had puked in the toilet and tried to sleep on the bathroom floor and fought tooth and nail when he tried to carry her downstairs.

Hodges chose to curl up in the dog crate.

Why wouldn't he let her out of the house?

"I don't let my friends drink and drive," he said.

Closing arguments are set for today.

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