Lucas Eastwood and Travis Campbell charged with racial beating of Willie Navy in Brainerd

Willie Navy just wanted to have a drink at Yesterday's Gone, a tavern in downtown Brainerd. But he had the bad luck to be out drinking in the same place and at the same time as Lucas Eastwood and Travis Campbell.

Brainerd police say the two men, who are white, beat Navy to within an inch of his life just because he's black. But they had the bad sense to hatch their plan to attack Navy while they were in the bar, where they were overheard by an employee.

He was the last guy at the bar that night. He remembers walking outside and hearing someone shout a racial epithet at him before asking what he thought he was doing drinking at the bar

"I asked him, 'What did you say?' and they hit me from behind, in the back of my head. That was it. I guess they had free shots at me."

The cops found Navy on a nearby sidewalk, incoherent and in a lot of pain, being cared for by two women. His faced had been smashed to bits so badly that it will take multiple surgeries to piece it back together, and he may lose his eyesight.

The women got a good look at Eastwood and Campbell while they intervened in their assault, and before the men ran away. And while police were trying to help Navy, the bar employee arrived and told cops what he'd heard - and that he'd asked the two men to leave Navy alone.

The cops caught up with Eastwood, 27, and Campbell, 29, later that night at a third man's home.

Navy told the Brainerd Dispatch he moved to town a few years ago from Minneapolis, and doesn't know either man. He wants them prosecuted.

"There's some bad white people and there's some bad black people. I can't look at every white person and say, 'They're the ones that did it to me.' I don't live like that, man. I want the ones who did this to me to be prosecuted, no one else. ... This is not a race thing. It's about justice."

Both men are being held in the Crow Wing County Jail on $100,000 bond and are due in court tomorrow. They are each charged with felony assault, and misdemeanor assault motivated by bias.

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