Lt. Gov. Candidate Robyne Robinson on receiving "oral pleasure"

Whenever someone gets thrust into sudden political  prominence--say, a Lieutenant Governor nomination--there is a scramble to unearth everything the new candidate has ever said or written.

In the case of Robyne Robinson, who this morning was announced as the running mate of Matt Entenza, one of her more interesting and sure-to-be-picked-over public statements will be this March 10, 2010 guest spot as a Savage Love-style sexpert for the U of M student newspaper.

Possibly because most of A&E has such a burning love and blistering desire for the lovely and talented Ms. Robyne Robinson, FOX9 anchor, art enthusiast and designer of Rox jewelry, we couldn't imagine asking anyone else to step in for ol' Dr. Date. She might have blushed a bit, but Robyne's got a good heart and even better advice to share.

Of particular interest to opposition researchers will be the advice she gives an inquiring co-ed on the joy of receiving oral sex:

I would be the first to admit that I am not too experienced when it comes to men. That being said, I did have a fling this winter with a guy who was a few years older than me and more experienced. We had fun together and fooled around a little bit. At one point, he decided to take his tongue downstairs, yet I felt nothing. And I mean NOTHING. Not when using his hands or his mouth. I'm assuming he knew what he was doing, and I can't help but feel it might have had something to do with the fact that I was slightly intoxicated. Is there such a thing as "whiskey dick" for women? Should I be worried that I couldn't be pleasured in that way? I'm a little worried for my sake, so any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.

--Numb and Hating It


You met a guy who actually likes "giving oral pleasure" without being asked, and you let him get away?! There are many of your fellow co-eds shaking their heads in disbelief right now. Now, you do admit to a few things: inexperience and inebriation. Both could play significant roles in this failed fling, and I'm not talking about just you. Every woman's body is different. It could be as simple as dude was pushing the wrong buttons and poorly. Don't worry. Sometimes it takes a few sessions for women to experience what makes the bells and whistles go off. And when they do ... honey, you'll know. And probably everyone else in the dorm will, too.

I appreciate Robinson's frank discussion of sexuality, but wonder how it will play with voters in the middle. Advising girls 18-21 to have premarital oral sex might not be the most popular stand with the values crowd--especially considering Robinson told MPR she wants her issues to be "Education, teen pregnancy, [and] schools." What would be the reaction if a male political candidate was caught giving advice to teen boys on the joy of receiving blowjobs?

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