Love-struck buck spars with statue, ends up in freezer

It's a sorry enough state of affairs when a big ol' buck can't tell the difference between a real, live foe and a stone-cold concrete dummy. But when said buck ends up dressed and dumped in a Wisconsin deep freeze for his efforts, well, you just have to shake your head.

Here's the story: Mark Brye was up early one morning last week at his Viroqua, Wis., home and was surprised to find that the 640-pound concrete elk statue that graces his yard was knocked over on its side. About 20 yards away, he saw a 180-pound buck, keeled over, dead.

Brye told the Lacrosse Tribune he's pretty sure the deer rammed the life-like statue in a fit of breeding season competitiveness, cracked its skull, knocked its antlers lose and staggered away to die. The local conservation warden tagged the beast with a note saying,"lawn ornament fight - lost."

Not one to let a good side venison go to waste, Brye butchered the hapless buck and put the meat away in his deep freeze.

The statue, a Christmas gift from his children, was left on its side, too big for Brye back on its feet by himself.