Love songs, nothing but love songs

class=img_thumbleft>Radio makes no time for sentimentality. One day, you're brooding with Fall Out Boy on Drive 105, the next day you're floating alongside Anne Murray on the new Love 105. (As for Rev-105... well who remembers the 20th century anymore?)

Here at CPHQ, we had half a mind to do a live blog playlist over the course of a workday--find out whether the "greatest songs of all time" would keep us feeling perky and productive. But it's hard to love Love 105 for a long time: To start, the station's famous three-transmitter signal sounds like it's coming in from somewhere around International Falls.

And, frankly, after a set that just included Air Supply, Gordon Lightfoot, Simon and Garfunkel, and someone we think was Seals and Croft, we feel like we're enduring a psy-ops experiment--a little like Manuel Noriega barricaded inside the Vatican Embassy with "Welcome to the Jungle" screaming at 110 decibels. Except that Love-105 doesn't play Guns 'n Roses.

You might be wondering whether the DJs have been equipped with industrial-strength ear protection to endure this assault. Fear not: In order to shield station staff from a loaf of Bread, the station's owner, ABC Radio, has so far taken the precaution of having no live, on-air talent. Station promos segue into commercial breaks—of which there are currently few. As for back-announcing tracks? Well, if you don't recognize John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" by now, you might be dead.


class=img_thumbleft>Love 105 program director Chris Rahn was not immediately available for comment. Listeners probably got a case of whiplash when they punched their presets on Tuesday, but ABC Radio's local brass may themselves have been taken up short by the format shift. Rahn's voice mail greeting still bills him as program director for Drive 105.