Loud Pack gang members allegedly burglarize U.S. flag-flying Mpls homes in search of guns

Can you really argue with their logic?
Can you really argue with their logic?

If you're on the hunt to heist guns, how would you figure out which homes to target?

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According to the logic allegedly employed by the Loud Pack north Minneapolis street gang, the answer is to look for the ones with American flags in their front yards.

According to an MPR report, a search warrant request recently filed by the FBI in Hennepin County accuses Loud Pack members of targeting "homes with American flags in the front yard because they believe these are homes or [sic] veterans and will have firearms inside them. Other items they take from these burglaries are sold on the street to various people to support the activates [sic] of the gang." (By the way, you'd think the FBI would copy edit this stuff, right?)

We first told you about the Loud Pack in March, when three members of the gang were charged in connection with a year-long crime spree. In one September 2012 incident, an argument on the street between between six men and a woman resulted in the woman and her kids running away amid a hail of gunfire while the men yelled, "Loud Pack."

In the search warrant request, the FBI asserts that some Loud Pack members used to be members of the "Y.N.T." (Young 'n Thuggin') criminal clique.

"These members had left the Y.N.T. because they had taken guns from various members of the Y.N.T. and according [to] a confidential reliable informant (CRI) they were not trustworthy," the warrant says.

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