Lou, dog kidnapped from family, found murdered on Pelican Lake

Jason Davis says his family has no leads on who might've killed their dog Lou, but says: "Someone has to know something."

Jason Davis says his family has no leads on who might've killed their dog Lou, but says: "Someone has to know something." Jason Davis Facebook

The disturbing case of an allegedly kidnapped family pet resulted in the dog's being murdered, according to his owners.

Lou, the dog whose owners were haunted by a series of phone calls from a man who claimed to have their pet, was found murdered on an island on Pelican Lake, near the town of Buffalo. Lou's owners are asking for the public's help in finding who killed their dog.

"We don't even know what to say or where to start," Jason Davis wrote on Facebook.

Davis, of Delano, has been using his page to keep thousands of interested followers updated on Lou's disappearance. The dog had vanished in December, and weeks went by before the couple started receiving unnerving phone calls from a man who said Lou was in his possession.

At first, the man, who called himself "Kevin," said he was interested in returning the dog. Then he told them he was on probation, and was worried the Davises would turn him in to authorities. The Davises denied that, and said they only wanted to see their dog again.

Through more than a dozen calls, the man's paranoia grew, and eventually he told the Davises he would kill Lou by running him over with his car; after that last call, he broke off all communication.

Davis reports Lou's body was found by a family who'd gone to the lake for an ice fishing excursion. Children wandered off to play on the island, and found Lou, who had been shot twice, once with a shotgun, and another time with a "smaller caliber" bullet, Davis writes.

A veterinarian's postmortem X-rays turned up no sign of bullet fragments, which could've been used as evidence to trace back to the murder weapons. Davis says the scene indicates Lou was killed somewhere else before his body was brought to Pelican Lake. 

The murder could have happened two to three weeks before Lou's discovery, according to Davis, putting the date of the crime some time in early to mid-February. 

"We have no leads," Davis writes, "and are looking for any information that would be helpful. Someone has to know something."


Anyone who does should direct it to the Wright County Sheriff's Office, which can be reached at 763-682-1182.

A Gofundme page established to pay a reward fee for information leading to Lou's killer has collected $2,000, as of Tuesday morning.

"Our hearts are broken," Davis wrote. "RIP Lou. We love you and will miss you every day."