Lotto ticket bought in Minnesota is worth $229 million


Check your pockets, Minnesota. We have a winner.

A Powerball ticket sold in Dakota County came up good last night, and the winner's due a $229 million jackpot. The Minnesota State Lottery says the sum is the biggest ever won in Minnesota.

The magic numbers are 11-18-36-41-46 and a Powerball number of 38. The winner has one full year from yesterday's date to claim the prize, which can either be taken in pieces -- big, money-filled pieces that grow bigger each year -- that would add up to the full $229 million, or take the lump sum of straight cash, homey.

The cash option cuts the total down to about $84 million, after taxes, but that would allow the winner to immediately build a new mansion with walls that are made out of $100 bills. 

"This is a great day," acting Minnesota Lottery director Jenny Canfield said. "This is what we live for."


Canfield said the agency doesn't try to narrow down to the exact store where the ticket was sold, mainly for safety reasons. Instead, the lottery is waiting on the winner to come forward.

If the winner chooses the 30-year annuity option, he or she would get $4 million, before taxes, right away, and then more and more each year after that, with a final $12 million payment due in 2041.

Minnesota's had 21 Powerball winners since the lotto's inception in 1992, with the last jackpot coming in 2008. Canfield says compared to other Powerball winners, in any state, "this if fairly large."

The largest jackpot of all time was a $365 million winner in 2006, which was shared by eight people in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The winner of last night's drawing should call 651-635-8271 to claim their prize, and then call their boss and quit their job.