Lose your cell phone? No need to take responsibility


Next time you lose your cell phone or someone snatches it from your hands, no need to worry about all the crazy calls and texts the next owner makes under your account. Gov. Tim Pawlenty just signed a law this weekend that makes cell phones more like credit cards. The second you report the loss of your cell phone, all responsibility is off.

Here is what we don't quite get:  How much monetary harm can a thief do with a cell phone in a short period of time? If it's a credit card, that's another story, but we can't imagine a thief could break the bank with a night's worth of phone calls. If you have some crazy cell phone story, please fill us in. We're not in the right place to imagine these scenarios.

The bill passed no problem, but some members of the Legislature questioned if we were slowly becoming a nanny state. Is that fair? Should people pay the price for leaving their cell phone at the bar in a drunken haze?