Lose the antagonism: Here are the real problems cyclists should address

I'm not sure why so much antagonism is needed. I've had very minor problems with cars in a decade-plus of riding in the Twin Cities area, which is really, really, really, really respectful compared to other areas. We as a bike community have better things to do than pissing in the face of drivers for no reason.

You want a list of legit problems in the bike community?

  1. Blowing through the red light instead of coming to a full stop/track stand before you continue. This is common goddamn sense and flagrant disregard for shared space on the roads.

  2. No bike lights. I spend a great deal of my free time on a bicycle. The number of times I've almost hit someone with my car because they were riding on a residential or, even crazier, busy street (Franklin, Hennepin, Lake, you name it) with no lights is more than I can count. If I was a cop this would be the second highest type of ticket I'd give after slow drivers in left lane.

  3. Purposeful riding on major city streets for more than a block or two when a bike boulevard or actual bike trail is a single block away, especially during rush hour. You're not proving anything to anybody. Your protest is not going to bring attention to bicycles. It's just going to antagonize people who are trying to get home or to work.

  4. Your helmet. With the exception of people using Nice Rides, you should be wearing one. Snowboarding and skiing people seemed to get on board in a decade, and all the pro tours and races require it. You're not cooler or better than any one of them.