Lookit this very tall building coming soon (?) to downtown Minneapolis, maybe

Minneapolis, meet "Eleven." Yes, you're supposed to spell it out like that.

Minneapolis, meet "Eleven." Yes, you're supposed to spell it out like that. City of Minneapolis

Seeking a great close-up view of the Mississippi River while still living in close proximity to downtown Minneapolis? 

If a newly proposed condo-and-office complex gets approval, you'd have all that and then some. Though those on upper floors trying to see the river would have to lean back and look right down their noses to catch a glimpse of water. 

Next week, the Minneapolis City Planning Commission will consider a concept for 1101 West River Parkway, currently occupied by the -- fine, but unremarkable -- offices of Padilla Spear Beardsley public relations firm. That office, adjacent to Gold Medal Park and just down the block from the Guthrie Theater, stands four stories tall.

In its place? 

Picture a 41-story "mixed used" skyscraper, home to 124 condos and many, many offices: plans submitted to the city call for 12,300 square feet of office space, roughly equivalent to the square footage of Fort Knox. (Hang on, we're getting an idea here...) The resulting structure would be one of the tallest in the city: IDS Tower (57 stories, 792 feet), Capella Tower (56 floors, 776 feet), and the Wells Fargo Center (57, 775) lead the way, but this new skyscraper would fall into the next tier down.

Per planning commission member Nick Magrino, it'd rank as the seventh-tallest building in town. You'd see it from far away, and you'd see far away from inside it. 

Plans call for construction to start by year's end, with occupancy beginning in spring 2021.

Project applicants (a group which of course includes the ubiquitous Ryan Companies) are operating under the name "Arcadia on the River, LLC." We've heard worse?

But it appears that's not the name of the living space. That, reader, will be called... "Eleven." Spelled out just like that, and summed up like this in the project documents (highlighting ours):



Read much, much more about it here, or show up at this planning commission meeting. It'll be super-boring, and might determine the future of your city's skyline.

Want a good view of the river in the meantime? Bundle up and walk over one of the bridges.