Lonnie Johnson Accidentally Texted Drug Court Looking for Dope

When looking for drugs, remember to double-check your texts

When looking for drugs, remember to double-check your texts

Accidentally texting the wrong person ranks right up there with the embarrassing reply-all and the late-night butt-dial as one of the great faux pas of the digital age.

Fortunately, the damage can usually be undone with a quick apology. Not so in Lonnie Johnson's case.

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According to police, Johnson, who has at least four drug convictions on a rap sheet full of minor offenses, accidentally texted someone "within a Winona County agency" -- identified by the Winona Daily News as coordinator of the county's drug court -- looking for some Alpha-PVP, a synthetic bath salt known to induce delirium and the occasional heart attack.

But instead of supplying Johnson with the requested goods, the coordinator passed the text to Winona police, who set up a meet Monday afternoon.

When Johnson was arrested, police found him carrying hypodermic needles and plastic baggies that tested positive for cocaine. (Alpha-PVP can test as cocaine.)

Johnson was charged with felony possession and faces a minimum of six months in jail, where he'll no doubt be forced to take remedial courses in drug procurement.

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