Long-time Minneapolis City Council Member Sandy Colvin Roy ends bid for re-election

Long-time Minneapolis City Council Member Sandy Colvin Roy ends bid for re-election
photo via Colvin Roy's website.

After 16 years representing Ward 12 on the Minneapolis City Council, Sandy Colvin Roy is ending her bid for another term. Her announcement comes after a late-April DFL ward convention that ended in no endorsement, but in which one of her challengers, Longfellow Community Council President Andrew Johnson, led on every ballot.

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"I have felt, and continue to feel, that I have unfinished work on the Council," Colvin Roy wrote in a message on her Facebook page on Monday night. "But it is a hard job and takes a tremendous toll on daily life." Colvin Roy added that each of her previous four campaigns was "hotly contested," and that, if she wanted to stay in the race, "I could run and win."

Colvin Roy's decision comes in a city election season that is likely to end in an influx of new faces on the City Council. During the DFL's ward conventions, three wards picked a challenger over their current City Council member, and two more, in addition to Ward 12, didn't endorse at all. Colvin Roy was not available for comment.

In other City Council election news, Matt Perry is back in the race for the Ward 13 seat, which is being vacated by mayoral candidate Betsy Hodges.

After another candidate, Linea Palmisano, won the DFL endorsement for the ward, Perry kept his pledge to abide by the party's decision and suspended his campaign.

But on Sunday night, in a letter on his website, Perry announced that he's since changed his mind: "At the urging of many people in the community," he wrote, "I have decided to continue my campaign for Ward 13 City Council"

Perry's not the only City Council candidate to break a "I will abide by the DFL endorsement" pledge. After Ward 10 incumbent Meg Tuthill lost the endorsement to challenger Lisa Bender, she too reneged on earlier statements, and decided to stay in the race.

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