Lone Nevis cop set to turn out the lights

​The home of the world's largest tiger muskie took a sad step this week when it decided to disband its one-man-band police department.

Feeling the effects of an ever-growing budget shortfall, the Nevis City Council has voted to eliminate the police chief's position.
The Park Rapids Enterprise reported that Hubbard County deputies will take over law enforcement duties in Nevis, on Lake Belle Taine.

Nevis, population 364, is hardly alone. The paper reports that 15 law enforcement agencies across the state -- usually one- or two-person departments -- have gone by the wayside in the past 15 years.

More than 400 law enforcement agencies remain inservice, according to Minnesota Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission. The largest is the Minneapolis Police Department, with 872 officers, followed by St. Paul, with 605.

As near as anyone can figure, Nevis first appointed a village constable in 1953.