Local weapons manufacturer gets 'stimulus' aid for 'green' bullets


Here's a question that sounds rhetorical but genuinely isn't: is there anything that can't be funded in the name of "green energy" these days? We're seriously beginning to wonder.

Eden Prairie-based munitions manufacturer Alliant Techsystems raked in $7.4 million (via "stimulus" package) to accommodate--and this is true--a "green" bullet design.

From Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal:

The company's Independence, Mo., plant will perform the work, which is expected to be completed by Aug. 31. The U.S. Army Sustainment Command in Rock Island, Ill., issued the contract.

Alliant Lake City received a $6 million order from the Department of Defense in October for M855 green ammunition.

The Green Bullet Program seeks to reduce the use of lead in ammunition used at training ranges and replace it with nontoxic alloys to prevent contamination in soil and surrounding areas. The military started using green bullets at training ranges in October 1999.