Local Somali indicted in terrorist conspiracy probe


Omer Abdi Mohamed was indicted by a federal grand jury Thursday in U.S. District Court on charges that he provided material support to terrorists. A Somali, but permanent U.S. resident who once worked as an employment counselor of the state of Minnesota, he is accused of helping six other Somalis return to their homeland to fight for a group the U.S. calls a terrorist organization.

MPR reported that the indictment made public the names of the six men. The list includes Shirwa Ahmed, a Minneapolis man who authorities believe became the first American suicide bomber when he allegedly blew himself up himself fall in Somalia.

Mohamed's indictment is the latest chapter in a wide-ranging federal probe into the disappearance of 20 Somali men with Minnesota ties. 

Last week, Dutch authorities arrested a 43-year-old Somali man with Minnesota ties, later identified as Mohamud Said Omar, 43, who is wanted in the U.S. for allegedly financing Islamic terrorists. 

Dutch news organizations said he may have helped extremists travel to Somalia to train with the radical Islamic movement Al Shabaab. He's believed to have lived in Minneapolis until November 2008. He showed up at a refugee center in the Netherlands about a month later.