Local punks post video of assaults on bikers, pedestrians


Some video making the rounds today may make you throw up your arms in disgust: Kids out and about, making their parents proud, record themselves knocking bike riders to the curb, tackling pedestrians and runners, stealing hats, throwing stuff at shopkeepers and dancing around in masks. We guess that they either think they won't get caught, or don't care if they get caught, because they start each prank staring into the camera, saying," watch this." The only information provided on the video was that it showed "a group of somali black males pulling pranks on people." The original video has been pulled off YouTube. There's an archived version of it here.

Local online communities started commenting on the assaults this morning and began to identify the kids in the video. Commenters at one site said it looked like the assaults happened near Central High School on Lexington Avenue in St. Paul. On another site, they matched up the names with those, or their aliases, on the Somali Youth Development Organization in Minneapolis. St. Paul police are investigating.