Local MMA fighters battle for a Strikeforce contract


No matter what they say, Mixed Martial Arts ain't a meritocracy. Fighters get top billing based on who they know or who they are (see: Kimbo). The best fighters don't always get the best fights. And fighters who are trying to break into the game can't always do it on their own. Enter, "The Crucible," a fight in St. Paul this Saturday that will pit eight fighters against each other in a bracket format. Winner gets a Strikeforce contract. Seems like a better system.

For local fans who didn't have the scratch for the UFC last year, The Crucible is a chance to watch MMA up close, hear the solid thunk of a glove up side the head, and see eight local guys trying to score a deal that takes them another level up.

Head to the event. It won't disappoint.

Here are the details:

The Crucible
September 12, 2009
The Great Hall in St. Paul
180 East 5th Street
TIckets: $25
Call: 651.282.0550

More information at Ambition MMA