Local bloggers on last night's primary wins and losses

Minnesota bloggers across the political spectrum are chiming in on the outcomes of yesterday's primary election. Not surpisingly, the chatter was focused on Rep. Keith Ellison's victory in the 5th Congressional District DFL primary, with a few nods to the AG's race, and the incomplete numbers posted at the Minnesota Secretary of State's website. Soundbites following the jump...

"The 5th is about as blue as a district can get, but today's turnout was so low that it doesn't say much about Ellison's strength as a general election candidate. Between now and November, many more voters will learn about Ellison's checkered past—and present. It remains to be seen whether even the heavily Democratic 5th wants to send a fringe candidate like Ellison to Congress."

—John Hinderaker, Power Line

"Candidates can run a campaign on the issues that voters care about and forego playing political whack-a-mole with the Republican hate-machine. Not only did [Ellison's] campaign survive a very determined, well-coordinated Swiftboating, I maintain that in the end, it helped progressive GOTV efforts. That's some tasty lemonade."

—Jon-David Schlough, MN Publius

"Last night at the Keith Ellison victory party, I told Brian Melendez and Donna Cassutt that I was quitting the DFL. I am happy for Ellison's victory, and for the success of those that worked so hard on his campaign, but I strongly feel that the means by which Hatch initially secured the DFL endorsement are unsupportable, and I feel very much divorced from a party that would ratify that by more democratic means in a primary—defending a candidate that refused to debate, refused to address issues that drove both Keith Ellison and Becky Lourey's campaign, refused to lead on progressive values and challenge Minnesota's voters to engage in the process (voting and caucusing) and to confront head on the wrong headed ideas of the GOP opposition."

—Soren, ImpeccableLiberalCredentials

"Ellison Akbar! Keith Ellison - supporter of cop-killers, unapologetic Kathleen Soliah fan, and a person whose past includes episodes that, if mirrored to a candidate on the right, would have provoked a media frenzy - wins the MN CD5 primary... Well, to be fair, it helps to be in a district where the DFL could nominate a set of wind-up chattering teeth and draw 60%."

—Mitch Berg, Shot in the Dark

"Of course, because Mr. Ellison is black and a Muslim, you can expect a whole lot of canned outrage from the usual gang of 'I'm not a bigot! How dare you call me a bigot!' bigots and other assorted semi-professional right-wing pearl-clutchers. But who cares? All that kind knows how do is complain and smear, so let them complain and smear to their hearts content in their noisy internet ghetto. They don't matter. If they had any taste or real wisdom, they'd look back on their hatchet-jobs and hack screeds and be as embarrassed as a high school kid who's just puked down his date's dress."

—Kevin-M, The Insomnia Report

"Ellison gets his House seat... and state and national Republicans get their poster child for everything wrong with the modern Democratic Party."

—Gary M. Miller, Kennedy vs. The Machine

"Congratulations to Keith Ellison on winning yesterday despite being DFL-endorsed."

-- Mark Gisleson, Norwegianity

"The Minnesota DFL spent a large amount of money to help Ellison win the primary and I couldn't be happier. Money spent on Ellison is money not spent on Mike Hatch and Amy Klobuchar. When was the last time the DFL had to spend money in the 5th CD?"

—Michael B. Brodkorb, MinnesotaDemocratsExposed

"In the AG race, Lori Swanson shocks many by holding off endorsed candidate Steve Kelley in what was thought to be smooth sailing for him. Luther's stealth candidacy, relying on Congressional name recognition and out state radio ads was enough to give him a respectable vote count, but not enough to be in the mix. When all the analysis and breakdown is done on this, I wonder if Bill's run was designed more to siphon votes of Kelley with his name recognition, allowing Swanson to run a well organized, independent campaign."

—Flash, Centrisity

"Why did Mike Hatch have two horses in the race? Swanson, his Solicitor General, has been characterized to me by someone who knows the AG office well as a Hatch clone. Something to the effect of 'if you like Hatch, you'll love Swanson,' said with a slight undercurrent of 'if you think Mike is an a-ho, you haven't met Lori.' If Swanson is Hatch's near double and right hand hatchet woman, then why did he also encourage Bill Luther to run?"

—Charlie Q, Across the Great Divide

"What's up with Kiffmeyer's office? The post I wanted to write was on cross-over voting, especially in SD13, but the Secretary of State's office doesn't seem to know how many people voted there or anywhere else. For example, here's the SD 13 results page with 100% precincts reporting, according to the SOS there were a total of 11,226 votes cast there yesterday. If you add up the totals of the two legislative districts (13A & 13B) you also get a total of 11,226 votes. However, if you add up the total number of votes cast for State Senate in SD 13 you get 11,940, which means 740 more votes were counted (almost 7%) for State Senate in SD 13 than the total number cast. There are a couple of other areas where the total number of votes doesn't match up to the votes actually counted."

—Smartie, Power Liberal

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