Llama on the loose wears out authorities, then gets shot and killed

Not the actual llama, but we're sure it was equally awkward and adorable.
Not the actual llama, but we're sure it was equally awkward and adorable.
Photo by pmarkham

A 200-pound llama was free and roaming Mower County for a week, but his life on the run came to a sad end Monday when authorities gave up the chase and just killed it instead.

The seemingly unstoppable llama was pissing off authorities who tried to use stun guns, corner it with vehicles, lasso it, and shoot it with a tranquillizer. When the llama started venturing along roads and became a threat to motorists, authorities just decided to shoot it and end their own misery.

It's a llama people, not a wild cougar or a mini horse with rabies.

The super llama was actually shot with a tranquillizer and was completely unfazed by the shot. Authorities figured the llama's thick hide and hair saved it from the injection. The llama was supposedly pregnant.

More from the Rochester Post-Bulletin:

Brownsdale's police chief, who has experience with rodeos, also tried to lasso the llama, to no avail, May said.

Eventually, the llama took off through a field and was spotted about a mile further south walking along an irrigation ditch. Then it crossed a road.

"Finally, we thought, well it's just going to keep wandering this area and somebody's going to end up hitting it with their car or something else," May said. "So we had to put it down."

The llama was being quite a troublemaker out there anyhow. Eating crops, flowers and gardens. What a serious pest that must be dealt with. You can sleep safe knowing this hairy awkward creature is no longer lingering in your windows checking you out.

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