Lizz Winstead wants to marry Chris Kluwe

Unfortunately, Kluwe is already spoken for. But what if...
Unfortunately, Kluwe is already spoken for. But what if...

Minneapolis native and Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead is a big fan of Chris Kluwe, though it doesn't sound like that has much do with the Vikings punter's athleticism.

Winstead, a brilliant comedian whose work spans the media gamut, gave Kluwe a shout-out at her New Year's Eve show at Pepito's Parkway Theater, conceding her jealousy for not coming up with the term "Lustful cockmonster," a line Kluwe made famous in a pro-gays-right letter to Deadspin last fall.

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In a column that ran in the Sunday Star Tribune, C.J. followed up with Winstead on Kluwe:

Q Chris Kluwe is married -- I hate to break this to you. I think that's the professional athlete to whom you could be married?

A Chris Kluwe may be the only professional athlete I could be married to. First of all, that letter he wrote [supporting gay marriage] goes toe-to-toe with any smart comedy writer's work I've ever read. Second of all, he's cute. And third of all, see first and second of all. Done.

Yes, it's true. Kluwe is married to his college sweetheart, Isabel, with whom he has two daughters.

So that is pretty much that.

Yet sometimes, on these early Monday mornings, our minds start to wander, and that wandering leads us to Google, which leads us to a website called

Which leads us to this, the projection of what Chris Kluwe and Lizz Winstead's baby would look like:

It seems like this thing should have better hair.

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