'Lizard Person' voter loves attention


The now infamous "Lizard Person" voter looks even more hilarious after the latest development. Minnesota Public Radio didn't chase this voter down. He emailed them and offered to talk about his vote.

Apparently lovers of Lizard People appreciate self-promotion and attention too.

From Minnesota Public Radio:

How did MPR find Lucas? We didn't. He found us. He sent us an e-mail on Saturday evening.

My name is Lucas Davenport and I live in Bemidji, Minnesota. My ballot, the infamous "Lizard People" ballot is mine. If you'd like my story about why I voted "lizard people" and what my real intentions were, seeing as how it's already been thrown out, please contact me at xxxxxx or 218-xxx-xxxx. You may not believe me, but I could prove that it's my ballot, assuming that it hasn't been destroyed.

How disappointing. We hope Lizard People doesn't become the next Joe the Plumber: embarrassing American becomes famous for no reason.