'Lizard People' voter supports Franken

His ballot has been discarded as an overvote, but Lucas Davenport wanted to make one thing clear: He intended to vote for Al Franken in the race for Senate. So we hope that means Franken isn't a lizard person? 

We also hope this means Republicans will jump at the opportunity to say that all Democrats are crazy and don't take their right to vote seriously. Yes, all Democrats believe in lizard people and they don't know how to fill in ovals. 

In even more Minnesota Public Radio coverage of Davenport, Minnesota's recount "Joe the Plumber" answered reader questions about who he actually wanted to vote for.
I had first written in lizard people on all of the write ins. I then went through and X'ed all the ovals for which I intended my vote, and then blackened them all in. So, yes, I intended to vote for Franken. I had no idea that a write in was an automatic vote. I assumed you still had to fill in the oval for the scanning machine to read the vote. I left "Lizard People" blank intentionally.
Can we ask him to prove the Lizard People theory too? Someone give this guy a book deal and a TV show. Here is his ballot, in case you missed the hoopla: