Lizard People vote tossed

Lizard People vote tossed
Photo courtesy of Minnesota Public Radio

Minnesota's most famous voter in the election had his vote officially thrown out this morning, the

Pioneer Press


Lucas Davenport, who wrote in "Lizard People" for his Senate write-in, also filled in the oval for Al Franken. The state Canvassing Board determined that it was an overvote and tossed it. For the record,

Davenport says

he intended to vote for Franken.

The PiPress has the interaction with the Canvassing Board when they reviewed the ballot:

"Is this the Lizard People?" Ramsey County Judge Kathleen Gearin, a member of the board, said. 
"Is this the weirdest thing?" Another member mused. The reply: "It's not the weirdest thing." 
"It's a half hearted vote for lizard people," said Secretary of State Mark Ritchie. "I'm fairly certain they didn't mean it but the rules are the rules. The statute is the statute," Gearin said.

Here is his ballot, in case you missed the hoopla:

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