Live-streamed birth: What's next?


Now that Lynsee Gannet has live-streamed her birth process to the entire Internet, there's bound to be a host of imitators clambering to recreate the magic of publicizing their intimate bodily processes. Here's our advice to these tag-alongs: don't webcast your births, that's just being a copy-cat. But you can add your own twist by picking a different precious activity to unleash upon the world. Here're our nominations.

Cleaning your dirty self: Shaving, cleaning your pores, and removing earwax are sacred personal duties, and sharing those duties with the world is a joyful celebration of what it means to be alive. The dreaded colonoscopy: Getting a close-up view of human anatomy is beautiful and fascinating. That should include your butt. Stuffing your face: The natural next step to streaming video of things coming out of your body is streaming video of things going into it. Burgers, caviar, bagels, lutefisk: the world wants to be there with you for every high-definition, lip-smacking bite. Kicking the bucket: Death is just as natural and miraculous as birth. Whether you go out in your sleep or get dragged off the mortal coil kicking and screaming, it's all a part of the crazy, amazing thing we call human life. So share those last moments before your eternal dirtnap with the whole world.