Live: Brett Rogers vs. Fedor Emelianenko

UPDATE:​ Rogers loses to Fedor by second round TKO. Click ahead and scroll for the recap.

City Pages is sitting cageside at the Sears Center in Illinois for Brett Rogers vs. Fedor Emelianenko. We'll be updating the fights all the night (including all the undercard bouts). The  stars of Strikeforce are ready to battle, including Antonio Silva, Fabricio Werdum, Gerard Mousasi, Rameau Sokoudjou, Jake Shields, Jason Miller. It's showtime on CBS, starring our boy from St. Paul who says he's ready to dominate.

Opening Undercard fight: Christian Uflacker vs. Jonatas Novaes @ 155lbs.

Round 1: Uflacker leads with a takedown. Moves to top mount. Both working for submissions. Uflacker continues to control the top. The crowd is slowly pouring in. Novaes escapes, attempts a leg lock. Doesn't work.

Round 2: Novaes gets a leg trip. He gains top control, lands several punches. Uflacker lies on his back. Ref stands them up. Uflacker gives a kick to set-up a takedown. Both working the ground game. Little sleepy for an opening bout. Both are going for submissions.

Round 3: Fighters take it to the ground. Novaes working an arm lock. Uh-oh, he sends three kicks to Uflacker's head. Uflacker down. It's an Illegal move. No kicking an opponent when he's down. The corner is trying to decide if their fighter is good to go. Two point deduction for Novaes. Uflacker responds with a takedown. Ref stands them up. Both take it back to the ground. Uflacker by unanimous decision.

Louis Taylor vs. Nate Moore @ 185lbs.

Round 1: Fighters feeling each other out. Taylor with quick kicks. Moore fires off punches. Ref stands them back up, warns Taylor holding the shorts. Moore with a takedown. Taylor reverses. Moore reverses. These guys are dead even in terms of strength. Good match-up.

Round 2: Taylor holds the shorts again. Point deduction. Moore swings ahead, sets up a takedown. He's working top control. Bam. Has top mount, Taylor on his stomach. Moore starts sending blows. Taylor taps. Moore wins by TKO.

John Kolosci vs. Shamar Bailey @ 170lbs.

Round 1: Bailey with a quick takedown, shoves Kolosci up against the cage. Maintains a side mount. Kolosci with an escape from a guillotine choke. Fighters stand back up. Kolosci lands a nice right. It looks like Bailey wants it on the mat, Kolosci on the feet.

Round 2: Kolosci close to securing a guillotine. Alas, no. The match is turning into a wrestling bout, both fighters struggling to overpower the other. Knee to the head by Bailey. Earns himself a one point deduction. Most of the round spent in the clinch up against the cage.

Round 3: The round starts like the last round ended, Bailey rushes Kolosci against the cage. Bailey keeps Kolosci pinned. Crowd loses interest, and it seems like Kolosci will lose the fight. He never had much opportunity, always playing defense against the cage. Sure enough, Bailey wins by unanimous decision.

Jeff Curran vs. Dustin Neace @135lbs.

Round 1: The lightweights come out quickly, with Curran blasting out from his corner. Couple nice leg kicks and flying knees by Neace. Curran reverses against the cage, sends a knee to Neace's ribcage. Neace taps out. Looks like the knee hit a rib, or maybe, broke a rib. Neace walking with a hunch. Curran with with TKO due to injury.

End of the undercards.

Women's Fight:

Roxanne Modafferi vs. Marloes Coenen @ 145lbs.

Round 1: Both come out swinging fast. Coenen lands a huge punch. She follows with a knee from a Thai clench. It goes to the ground with Modafferi on top. Coenen grabs an arm bar. She secures the hold. Coenen wins by arm bar submission. (1:05)

CBS Fight Card

Antonio Silva vs. Fabricio Werdum @ Heavyweight.

Round 1: The big boys look ready to throw down. Both start by feeling each other out. The crowd boos. Werdum misses with a high kick. Here comes Silva with punches. He knocks Werdum down and reigns down blows atop Werdum's head. Looks close to an end, but no. Both fighters back to standing. Werdum with a kick to Silva's knee. The crack echoes through the Sears Center. Werdum falls down, lies on his back, Silva motions for him to stand. Both exchange blows. Silva cooly walks away from two leg kicks. They end the round with more excitement. This fight is everything CBS hoped it would be... and more. 

Round 2: Silva knocks down Werdum to start the round. Werdum lies on his back. Finally, Silva takes the bait. Now, Werdum's in control with top mount. Looks like it could be bad, but Silva escapes. Back to the feet for both fighters. They trap each other against the cage. Crowd boos. Ref separates the fighters. Werdum with a takedown. Or maybe Silva just fell over. Werdum to side mount. Silva escapes several submission attempts by Werdum.

Round 3: Silva with a huge knee to lead off. Werdum repsonds with knees to Silva's left leg. He shoots in and secures a takedown. Silva crawls to the cage and hoists himself back up. Werdum pushes him against the cage, sends a couple Thai clench knees to Silva's enormous dome. They're doing damage, one levels Silva. But he regains his bearings just in time. Werdum on top mount with Silva on his back eating hammer fists. Round ends. Silva gets up, limping. Werdum looks confident. Whoever gets the victory, it's one hell of an opener. Werdum wins in a unanimous decision (all judges scored it 28-29).

Gerard Mousasi vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou @ 205lbs.

Round 1: Sokoudjou leads with a kick. But Mousasi is fast. He lands a high kick to Sokoudjou's head, followed by kicks to Sokoudjou's legs. Sokoudjou claims they're hitting him in the groin. Not so says the ref. Bam. A series of fists by Mousasi, but Sokoudjou takes him down. Mousasi reverses and all of a sudden has side mount. Now, Sokoudjou reverses and pushes Mousasi against the cage. Both stand in a clench. Mousasi falls to the ground and while on his back, takes Sokoudjou down!? It's an incredible sight. You Tube it. For reals.

Round 2: Mousasi stalks, and clenches Sokoudjou against the cage. He slams a couple knees. Mousasi gets some room to send numerous punches. Tries a fancy leg trip, but Sokoudjou is too strong. Sokoudjou in top position, and uses some deft defense against an arm bar attempt. The audience applause the skillful maneuvering. But soon enough, Mousasi gains top control. He starts sending punches to the face. Sokoudjou can't answer. Referee wisely stops the fight. Mousasi wins by TKO.

Jake Shields vs. Jason Miller @ 185lbs.

Sidenote: Miller already has a moral victory with his choreographed entrance. It had a Jesus theme and almost too gorgeous for network television dancers in teeny-tiny Kimonos. Jake Shields just walked out to punk rock and numerous boos.

Round 1: So much for Miller saying Shields couldn't take him down. Shields starts it off with a quick take down and goes into top mount. "Nice entrance," yells one fan. Miller gets back to his feet and Shields promptly takes him back down. Shields pins him against the cage. Miller stands up, hits a double leg and slams Shields to the mat. Miller with a suplex. He stays in control for the remainder of the round.

Round 2: Miller comes out swinging, but it heads back to the ground. Something caught though, as Shields is bleeding. These two are going pretzel style on the mat. These are some unheard of, un-nameable positions. These are two well matched fighters. Miller escapes a rear-naked choke, and is able to stand. The two are proving the elasticity of tendons.

Round 3: Miller with a takedown, followed by Shields with a takedown and top control. Sends several punches to Miller's head. They don't have all that much power. Miller escapes and defends with a spinning backhand punch. Big John McCarthy calls time to rewrap gloves. Both men look tired. OH MY GOD! Miller secures a rear-naked choke. Audience on their feet, but time runs out. Shields is crossing himself.

Round 4: Shields with another takedown, Miller against the cage. Audience chanting: "Stands up! Stand up!" After a minute or more, they do. Miller charges with kicks, but Shields catches one and they're back down to the ground where it remains. The two looked gassed with one round left. Pretty good chess match going on, despite the booing.

Round 5: The two trade punches. This one is going back to a clench against the cage. Shields gets another take down. People are getting bored with watching the ground game, even the sound man turns on a couple electro beats. For a brief moment Miller escapes, but soon it heads back to the ground. The audience boo. Miller raises his hands and gives an expression like, "Well, I tried to fight the guy but he wanted to hug."  Shields should get the win as he dominated the majority of the fight with takedowns. Judges agree and award it to Shields. The audience loudly boo his victory.

Main Event

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers

Round 1: Both feeling each other out and send a couple quick shots. Rogers lands a jab and is moving quick. Fedor is already bleeding from the shot to the nose. He takes Rogers down but Rogers gets right back up and pushes Fedor against the cage. He knees Fedor in the legs. Both are bouncing well with good conditioning. Then Fedor catches him with a punch. Fedor is lighting quick up close. Brett sends some shots, and escapes an arm bar. Fedor stands and tries a flying punch, narrowly missing Rogers.

Round 2: Fedor has Rogers against the cage. Fires off a round of punches. Rogers takes the pain likes it's nothing. He sends a couple knees to Fedor's ribcage. Both circle again and boom... Fedor nails Rogers with a right. Rogers collapses to the mat. Fedor comes in to finish and after a couple more shots, McCarthy steps in to call it. The Russians go absolutely mad. Fedor wins by TKO.

In the post fight interview, Fedor is soft spoken and polite. He thanks the crowd for their support. The man is un-real. Completely UN-real.

Now, it's Rogers turn to address the crowd. He says he's ready for the rematch. He seems pissed-off. The crowd boo him. He doesn't care.