Little Falls teens killed by Byron Smith linked to prescription drug burglary just days earlier

Brady and Kifer apparently burglarized another Little Falls home sometime shortly before Thanksgiving.
Brady and Kifer apparently burglarized another Little Falls home sometime shortly before Thanksgiving.

As news circulated that two Little Falls teens had been shot to death during an apparent Thanksgiving Day attempted burglary at Byron Smith's house, people speculated about what could've driven 18-year-old Nicholas Brady and his 17-year-old cousin Haile Kifer to break into Smith's house in the first place.

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As we noted in our first post about the story, Kifer struggled with a pill addiction and Brady's sister speculated the search for pills might've been the reason the cousins broke into Smith's home. New evidence supports that theory.

Bottles of prescription pills linked to a recent burglary were found in the red Mitsubishi Eclipse Brady and Kifer drove to Smith's home on Thanksgiving, according to a statement released by Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel earlier today.

From Fox:

On Nov. 25, the sheriff's office received a report of a burglary at [Richard Johnson's] home. Johnson had been out of town for more than a week and an acquaintance had discovered the break-in after checking on the home. Johnson reported several items as stolen, including bottles of prescription medication.

A search of the red Mitsubishi Eclipse turned up six bottles of prescription medication in Johnson's name. The same car was found Friday parked around the corner from Smith's property.

On the evening of November 21, police responding to a suspicious activity call near Johnson's home actually talked to Brady. Brady told police he was cruising around with Kifer when his car ran out of gas. Kifer had gone into town to get fuel, Brady said, and police gave him a lift.

Last weekend, Brady's sister said that while Kifer had demons, she was making changes in her life and didn't deserve to die. From the Star Tribune:

Kifer had recently returned to school and had been trying to straighten out her life, [Brady's sister] said, adding that Kifer had stolen Adderall pills from Shaeffel's home.

"Yes, she had an addiction problem and stuff, but that doesn't mean she deserves to get murdered at 18 years old," [she] said. "I understand they came there to rob them, or whatever, but shoot them in the shoulder and call the cops."

Smith has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder in connection with the shootings.

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